lördag 2 juli 2011


Prescott, Arizona 2 July 2011

(682 km / 426 miles)

We left Albuquerque early to get to Prescott in time. We followed I40/Route 66 across western New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Spectacular landscape!

The clock tricked us again, since Arizona has Mountain time just like New Mexico but they don't use daylight savings time, so we had to put the time back an hour even if we didn't change time zone.

We saw the Meteorite Crater outside Flagstaff and the red rocks outside Sedona on our way. Very nice, thank you Joel for the tip!

At the hotel - Wilmer learned how to swim! He just made up his mind and started swimming!

The reason for going to Prescott is that we got tickets for the Rodeo. A splendid piece of American culture that we'll always remember.

Filippa and Benna by the Meteorite Crates, Flagstaff Arizona

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