torsdag 7 juli 2011

Arriving in San Francisco

Berkeley, California 7 July 2011

(1104 km / 690 miles)
Nevada, California

Today we arrived at our final destination on our road trip! Now we've traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific!

In Kingman we said bye-bye to our old friend I40 and took US93 north towards Vegas. A short drive through desert landscape that took us past the Hoover Dam.

We met the Tollin family in Vegas and stayed two nights on the Strip. I'd love to tell you all about it but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

From Vegas, we drove southwest on the I15 through the desert down to Barstow and from there northwest on California 58 to Bakersfield where we spent the night.

Today we drove California 99, California 46 and I5/580 up to San Fransisco.

This will be the last entry before we're back in Sweden next Thursday. The remaining time will be spent here in the Bay area.

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