söndag 19 juni 2011

Our new friend Apan

College Park, Maryland 19 June 2011

(354 km / 221 miles)
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland

We picked up our car and drove of Manhattan through the Holland tunnel and straight onto I-95 that would take us all the way down to Washington D.C. I-95 is 2 to 6 lanes wide all the way and the traffic pattern is similar to Stockholm, almost no one follows the speed limits and those who do drive in the central lane.

Our car is named Apan (The Monkey) after its license plate and is a Chevy Suburban. A hugh car with a 6 litre V8! Milage? No problems, the gas is less than 7 SEK/litre.

Today's trip took us through four states. We had pre-booked the hotel, which funnily enough is located next to an IKEA store, and the GPS brought us right on target. We haven't named the GPS yet - we're trying to listen to what she sounds like first.

The family in front of Apan

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  1. Hi the Ströms!
    Good to see you guys are enjoying the trip. And glad to se Ponny made it back to his master!

    Kisses and hugs
    Jane and Chris